screen printing

manual screen printing

This is a process that uses special inks forced through fine mesh screens to apply a stencil onto a garment. Each colour is applied separately to the garments, and separate screens need to be created for each colour.


Direct Advantage is a digital print system delivering high resolution prints directly to cotton garments without the use of transfer paper.  The Direct Advantage system uses patented Natural ink and a heat press to make vibrant, full colour, permanent printed graphics on untreated cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote-bags, golf towels and more. With the direct to garment printing, we are able to print full colour photographs and graphics onto your garment with no minimums.

High quality thermal transfers

High definition images with super fine detail, no problem! CAD-PRINTZ is a revolutionary full colour digital transfer service. Imagine a transfer that pops with colour, has super fine detail, sharp lines and crisp images. CAD-PRINTZ can be applied to a variety of textiles, even those that can’t be embroidered or screen printed.

Advantages Over Embroidery?

Screen printing allows you to print larger areas at a cheaper price then embroidery. You can recreate nearly any image through screen printing and still keep within your advertising budget.

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