Promotional Items

what classifies as a promotional product?

Promotional Products are classified as any item that can be branded with your company logo, used as a way to increase logo awareness, and to create a professional image for your company.

From mugs to water bottles, lanyards to notepads, pens to balloons, kitchenware to first aid kits. If you have an idea we can put you logo on it!

At Digitech Images we have an extensive range of promotional products available to our clients. Your company’s image is very important so why not contact us so we can suggest an advertising product for any kind of event including contests, trade shows, or golf tournaments. We will be happy to help source unique products and develop ideas!

Here at Digitech Images, we take a large responsibility for the happiness of our clients, we have had clients from all over Canada and now all over the world!

Questions? we're here to help.

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