What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process that uses multiple threads to create raised patterns into garment for a permanent decoration. It is long appreciated for its high quality and durability, embroidery remains the staple of the decorated apparel business.

Why Choose

Embroidery is the best process for reproducing your company logo on textile product. Bright, effective and professional, nothing advertises your company better than embroidered clothing. There is no minimums, and we are equipped to handle one or a thousand piece orders.

Embroidery allows you to do smaller quantities of products while being able to mix and match products. You can stitch a couple of jackets and a dozen hats in the same order while maintaining the outstanding quality.


We have a large choice of colour’s for your design! We have over 30 different colours and shades, if you have a question about a certain colour let us know and we can help you find it! If you want it, we got it!

The only thing you need to know about Embroidery fonts is, Bolder is Better! Simple is Success! Complicated fonts will not transfer well when it comes to Embroidery, but if your unsure of what font would look good for your company we can help you choose one that we think fits your brand to a T!

Questions? we're here to help.

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